International Conference on Construction Industry, Facilities and Asset Management  (ICCIFAM)

November 22-23, 2012

Padang – Indonesia

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2 Editors
3 Preface
4 Table of Contents
5 Occupiers as the Critical Stakeholder in Sustainable Buildings International Conference on Construction Industry, Asset and Facilities Management - Richard Reed, Junaidah Jailani - Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
6 Valuation Terminology Standardisation to Implement Mass Apraisal at local Authorities for An Integrated Green Computing Environment in Malaysia - Chitrakala Muthuveerappan, Buang Alis, Mohd Shafie - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 
7 Post Occupancy Evaluation: The Need for Awarenes and Knowledge for Continous Improvement of Building Performance - Izran Sarazzin Mohammad - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
8 A Succesful and Substantial Non-Structural Energy Saving Initiative in The Public Transport Hub Building - Mohd. Isa bin Sulaiman, Abdul Hakin bin Mohammed - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
9 Prediction of Freight Transportation in Lampung Province - Tasán Junaedi - University of Lampung, Indonesia
10 Geological Control and Mitigation of Malino-Manipi Landslide, South Sulawesi Indonesia - Busthan, A.M. Imran, L.Samang, M.Ramli - Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
11 Galodo in Padang 2012: Causes and Prevention - Abdul Hakam, Febrin A.Ismail, Fauzan - Andalas University, Indonesia
12 Cowar (Conservation of Water Resources): The Effort of Drought and Water Crisis Prevention in Brantas River Basin - Anggun Sugiarti, Donny Harisuseno Brawijaya - University, Indonesia
13 The Impact of Remittance from International Migrants in Rural Area - Gunawan Prayitno - Kyoto University, Japan
14 Renewable Energy From Waste Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches - Wetri Febrina, Tatang Hernas, Soerawidjaja, Ronny Purwadi - Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Dumai, Riau, Indonesia
15 Lot Cripple Management Evaluation to Reduce The Step Number of Line Stop Using 8 Steps Approach and 7 Tools - Jakarta Islamic University, Indonesia
16 Implementation Comparison Analysis Method Junbiki with Kanban Reviewed By Method of Just in Time for Its Company Productivity - Raihan, Afriani Lestari - Jakarta Islamic University, Indonesia
17 Implementation of Agropolitan Approach in Malaysia: Preliminary Study at Pulau Banggi - Yusof Ahmad, Eusoffa Yendo Afgani, Hamid Saad - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
18 Design of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Palm Oil Production Flow in Web-Based - Henny Yulius, Abulwafa Muhammad, Susi - University Putra Indonesia “YPTK”Padang, Indonesia 
19 Concrete Attribute of Culture on Kayik Public Place: When Simplicity Rules - Eusoffa Yendo Afgani, Mahmud bin Muhammad Jusan, Aliyu Salisu Barau - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 
20 Studi the Impact of Knowledge Management Strategies on Firm Performance and Environmental Hostility as Moderator in Indonesian Manufacturing Firms - Alizar Hasan - Andalas University, Indonesia
21 Analytical Method for Seismic Performance Evaluation in Infilled R/C Frames Maidiawati, Yasushi Sanada - Toyohashi University of Technology Japan
22 Condition Index Based Maintenance and Rehabilitation Management - Yervi Hesna - Andalas University, Indonesia
23 Used Container as A Temporary Public Toilet - I Putu Widjaja Thomas Brunner, R. Roni Gursala, Roy Marko Tinamnunan. David Hayatullah - Institut Teknologi Nasional, Bandung - Indonesia
24 Key Parameters in Lapping - Ikhwan Arief - University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
25 Artificial Rain Technology as An Alternative Increasing Sutami Reservoir Volume in Effort Tackling Drought Due To Global Climate Change - Annisa Akalily, Donny Harisuseno - University of Brawijaya, Indonesia
26 Fuzzy Multi-Objective Periodic Review Inventory Problem in A Dyadic Supply Chain System - Dicky Fatrias, Yoshiaki Shimizu - Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
27 Issues and Threats of Asset Management in Global Perspective - Bambang Istijono - Andalas University, Indonesia
28 Feasibility of Tubular T-Joints as A Damage Controller for Roof Structures under Loading - Eka Satria, Shiro Kato - Andalas University, Indonesia
29 An Analysis of Heavy Equipment Supply Chain in Supporting Infrastructure Construction - Togar M. Simatupang, Achmad F.Hendarman - Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
30 Numerical Analysis Strategy for Solving The Large Scale and Complex Civil Engineering Structures Problems - Jafril Tanjung, Makoto Kawamura, Harpito - Andalas University, Indonesia
31 Framework for Risk Allocation in PPP Infrastructures Development - Susy Fatena Rostiyanti, Moch Husnullah Pangeran - Bakrie University, Jakarta, Indonesia
32 Designing Maintenance Scorecard and Priority of KPI as maintenance Performance Measurement Instrument in PLTD (Diesel Power) - Taufik, Vidya Ayuningtyas - Andalas University, Indonesia 
33 Structural Analysis Program of Plane Frame with Visual Basic Language - Agus Rivani, Nirmalawati - Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia
34 Computer Assisted Life Cycle Costing of Road Assets for Disaster Zone in Padang Indonesia - Insannul Kamil, Buang Alis, Hakim Mohammed, Nilda Tri Putri, Dio P.Hasian - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
35 Performance Changes of Aerobic-Anoxic Membrane Bioreactor for Azo Dye Biodegradation under Different Hydraulic Retention Time in Anoxic Tank - Putri Sri Komala, Agus Jatnika Effendi, IG. Wenten, Wisjnuprapto - Andalas University, Indonesia
36 Life Cycle Costing of Road Assets in Disaster Zone (Case: Alai-By Pass Roads, Padang-Indonesia) - Insannul Kamil, Buang Alis, Hakim Mohammed, Nilda Tri Putri, Dio P.Hasian - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
37 A Methodology to Evaluate Construction Project Using The Concept of Lean Construction - Alfadhlani, sarah - Andalas University, Indonesia
38 Flexural Crack Analysis in Reinforced Concrete Beams with Short Shear Span Length- Rendy Thamrin - Andalas University, Indonesia
39 A Study on the Application of Frequency Radio of Signal Tracker as A Base of Comparison of Channels of the Use of Operator in GSM Frequency of GSM 1800 - Neilcy T Mooniarsih, Fitri Imansyah, Youlanda - Tanjungpura University, Pontianak, Indonesia 


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